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>> 90% in the touchb essex fells have had no electricity for four days now. but as news 4's jim rosen field shows us, some help from our area is on the way. >> reporter: you've been without power for four days this is a sight for sore eyes. these crews are here on devon road in essex fells. they've been working for much of the afternoon to try to restore power to this community. 90% of the 2,200 people who live in this borough still do not have electricity. it's been since monday as we all know. as you travel around this area, people who see these trucks, they're either thrilled because they stop on their street in their neighborhood or they beg them to come to their neighborhood. >> we're looking for a truck so we can get some answers. everyone's in desperate need. we understand that. we're just really trying to, even if we can just get heat. never mind tv or anything. we just want to get heat. so we can survive at night. it's so cold out.
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>> well, i was awakened by the sound of the diesel idling trucks in front of the house. it was one, then another, then another. i looked outside. it was -- felt like christmas. somebody delivering new telephone poles as three of them snapped simultaneously when the tree at the end of the street crashed to the ground. seemed like none of the lines split but there was enough force to just take the tops off of three poles and rip the wire and the wood with it from my hus. >> and it's friday. >> it's friday. >> it's been a while. >> we've been hunkering down. very quiet. and no signs of mope but this is a giant sign of hope for us. >> this makes your day. >> this absolutely makes your day. and i'm spreading it around the town, letting everybody know that the troops are on the way. >> you're doing a great job. we're all in it together. unfortunate. there's a lot of other people who are much, much worse off than we are.
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losing their homes and lives. while we're unfortunate, we're not in the hardships that a lot of people are. so i guess we're all very happy for that too. we're inconvenienced. we're not suffering. it's big difference. >> reporter: the utility says the remaining customers who are still without power, and there are about 700,000 of them, should be restored as they put it within the coming week. there may be some small pockets beyond that time frame. about 2,000 other utility workers are coming to help ps & g from other states. as well as other utility workers coming to help other utility companies here within the tri-state area. there are so many of them they're gathering at fort monmouth to be housed and fed and fan out to wherever they're needed. that's the latest from essex fells, new jersey, jim rosenfield. lots of performers are coming together for a benefit concert tonight for the victims of sandy. jon bon jovi joins billy joel, bruce springsteen, sting, christina aguilera for hurricane sandy coming together.
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proceeds go to the red cross to help the storm victims. and you can see that performance live here on nbc 4. it's tonight at 8:00. all right. another potential whammy for folks to the northeast next week. another storm. chief meteorologist doug cammer has more on this chilly weather. >> we were talking about this pattern the last couple of days. the pattern is set for a potential east coast storm and it does look like it's going to make its way up the east coast the next couple days. we've got this trough and the jet stream. that's why we've got the cloud cover. that's why it stayed on the cool side. but as we move through next week into early next week, around wednesday and thursday, it's going to dip even farther down to the south, bringing in more cool air behind it. if not cold air. that east coast storm is going to set up rather rainy, rather windy, and maybe something else to come along with it along the east coast from washington, d.c. right up the 95 corridor toward new york. it is not what they nee to hear there and it's not what many people in our area want to hear. we'll talk more about that storm coming up in just a few minutes.
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but temperatures on the cool side. 46 in gaithersburg. 51 in washington right now. wind chills in the 30s now. we're going to get a lot colder as we move on through the night tonight. forecast coming up. >> all right. the presidential campaigns have been awaiting the october jobs report in hopes of a last-minute boost before election day. and the unemployment rate inched up a bit. just a teeny bit from 7.8 to 7.9. that's below the psychologically important threshold of 8%. employers added 171,000 workers to their payrolls last month, more than analysts had expected, and a sign of growth. experts say the jobless rate went up because more workers restarted their job hunts. that's another hopeful sign. both candidates found talking points in this report, as you might suspect. president obama hailed the job growth as a sign the economy is moving in the right direction. he called it real progress but said there is more work to do. mr. obama has been campaigning in ohio all day but is heading
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back here to washington tonight. mitt romney doesn't see it that way. he says the report indicates the economy is at a standstill. at a rally in wisconsin today, he told supporters mr. obama in his words never truly understood how jobs are created ithe economy. from wisconsin romney moved on to multiple campaign stops in ohio. analysts say he must win ohio to win the presidency. the latest polls show a tight race there. president obama having a slight advantage over mr. romney. wl, with just four days now to go, both candidates are choosing their final campaign stops carefully. in battleground virginia it will play a prominent role again this weekend. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey tells us what both sides are doing now to win the commonwealth. >> reporter: with four days to go campaign offices are gearing up for their most intense weekend of all. the final push to turn out voters. at this fairfax county gop office, volunteers and staffers kept the phone banks going while
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preparing for the weekend's door-to-door work. at the obama office in manassas a similar picture. supporters also stopped by to get tickets to a rally tomorrow night in prince william county, featuring president obama and former president bill clinton. >> each candidate understands that virginia could be not only a critical swing state in the electoral college but perhaps even the critical state to the outcome. so it's no surprise, therefore, that the candidates are doing these very late campaign stops up until the day before the election in one case. >> after three stops in the commonwealth yesterday outside northern virginia mitt romney comes to be fairfax on monday the day before the election. he'll have a rally on this athletic field at george mason university, the same spot the president held a rally just two weeks ago. then just hours ago the romney campaign added yet another virginia event in newport news on sunday. that means the gop presidential nominee is stopping in virginia three of the final campaign days. political analyst mark rosell
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says while ought bama camp is also trying hard to win virginia romney has the most riding on vict victory here. >> most believe if romney loses this state he's probably most likely lost the election nationally. it is an xrooem extremely important important one for the obama campaign too. but there are many mathematical snareos under which the president can win the presidency without winning virginia. >> reporter: he also says while attention is often focused on which candidate can win over swing voters the outcome in virginia will more likely depend on who can best turn out the base. one reason president obama visited richmond and romney went to roanoke. >> whichever candidate can ratchet up the most enthusiasm among his core constituency ultimately is going to win this state. that's what it's going to come down to. >> reporter: in fairfax county julie carey, news 4. we have an update on a news 4 exclusive that we brought to you yesterday. tonight d.c. police searching aggressively for the suspect. they want this guy.
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in that brazen attack and vicious sexual assault in northeast d.c. news 4's pat collins is live in the neighborhood tonight. police starting to get more information that leads to an arrest. pat? >> reporter: wendy, one week later, on the same day it happened at the same time it happened police are out trying to find the key clue to help close this troubling case. >> reporter: cops on bikes, in squad cars, in plain clothes. a full court press, passing out flyers, looking for information. it was here at this same time last friday that it happened. a man burst into a rhode island row apartment, tries to sexually assault a 24-year-old woman, and then stabs her more than 25 times. >> he was just stabbing me everywhere. over and over again. >> reporter: we call her vale e
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valerie. we've concealed her face sxer had real identity. i've talked to her for dead in that apartment? >> yes. because there was a lot of blood and i don't think he knew where he stabbed me and i think it seemed like i was going to die. >> reporter: security cameras videotaped theth elevator inside the building. police have put those same pictures on flyers that they passed out today, hoping someone will identify this man. at rhode island row there are three levels of security. you need a key card to get into the front door. you need a key card to get on the elevator. you need a key card to get into your apartment. so how did this guy get inside? it appears he may have followed a resident into the building. it appears that another resident may be acting as a good samaritan swiped the card and
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allowed him onto that elevator. reaction now from some residents of rhode island row. >> just as a person living in the building it's unsettling that somebody could make their way inside like that. i don't know. i just hope the police are doing everything they can right now. >> i just try to always be awrar of what i'm doing. i know it's not the safest neighborhood. but it's a nice building. so hopefully it doesn't happen again. >> again, if you recognize this suspect, if you know anything about this case call police. 202-727-9099. that's 202-727-9099. there's a $25,000 reward here. live in northeast, i'm todd collins, news 4. in fairfax county police, they are adding another sexual assault to a string of cases that they think are connected. eight incidents in the springfield area, all in the last two months. the most recent last night on commerce street. investigators think it's the
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same man, who is pictured here in a police catch. he walks up to women and gropes them in public. he's described as 5'8", with a neatly trimmed beard. if you think you know who he is call the fairfax county police. a d.c. police officer is recovering tonight after a stabbing and shooting here in this northeast neighborhood. officers say they were responding to a domestic dispute here in the 3,500 block of 17th street. after they arrived chief kathy lanier says the suspect attacked one of the officers from behind with a knife. lanier says the officers turned around and shot and killed that suspect. the officer suffered stab wounds to his head, his neck, and his hands. chief lanier says his injuries are not life-threatening. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, the deadline to get the power back on in manhattan quickly approaching before the animals at this aquarium are going to be forced to evacuate. there were long lines during early voting in prince george's county. are
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we have some breaking news right now. our sister station, wnbc in new york, has announced that officials in new york have canceled the new york city marathon. a lot of controversy there. >> you wondered how they were going to do that considering all the devastation and -- there was a bit of a what were they thinking. so the good news is they have rethought it and they are canceling it now. >> great move. >> and we have a weekend to recover a bit, and then what on earth is coming at us? >> and that's really the question. we've got another coastal storm that's going to make its way our way. this will not be a hurricane. this will most likely not even be a very strong storm for our region normally. but we're not talking about normal times here after we've just had super storm sandy. let's have a look and show you what we're doing out there right now.
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you can see the cloud cover continuing across the region. we've seen nothing but cloud cover just about all day long. we started with some sunshine, but in this type of a pattern sunshine actually helps to bring the clouds back in. i'll talk about that too in just a minute. 51 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the west at 17 miles an hour, but they are gusting to 20 to 30 miles an hour. and that just makes it feel even cooler across the region. your current temperatures 47 in martinsburg, 46 right now in gaithersbu gaithersburg, 53 in annapolis and 55 down toward fredricksburg. fredricksburg the warm spot at this hour. as far as the radar is concerned, we do have a few showers trying to push down from the north. this is actually yet again another frontal boundary that's trying to drape on across the region. you can see some showers north of annapolis coming down. 97 toward your way. and a few light isolated sprinkles but most of us should stay on the dry side through the evening hours. here's what's going on. you still have that upper area of low pressure aloft. you have these little pieces of energy rotating around it. you get some sunshine and then the very cold air aloft and with
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that sunshine it just helps to create those clouds in that colder air. so that's why we continue to see the cloud cover across the region. that's also why they continue to see snow showers back toward the west. here's our area of low pressure. still up to the north and east. very cool day for us. and rather breezy today. mostly cloudy if not totally cloudy. just about all day this afternoon. by the time we reach tomorrow, though, area of low pressure should move far enough to the north and east that i don't think we'll see quite as many clouds. i still think we'll see clouds tomorrow but we'll start off hopefully with some sunshine out there. it will be cool and it will be breezy once again with winds 15 to 20 miles an hour and maybe some higher gusts. just make sure you have your jacket on as we go out this weekend because we are looking at a cool weekend. even on sunday another system passes us down to the south and that brings in even cooler air and again on the breezy side. we're going to be 10 to 15 degrees below average right on through the next seven to ten da days. and then we have to talk about our coastal storm. the pattern is set. and actually sandy helped to set
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that pattern by moving inland and creating this trough around the east coast. we've seen this trough develop and it has been sitting here later this week and into later next week we'll see a piece of erin ji dive down from canada move all the way down to the gulf of mexico, pick up moisture, and then move right up the atlantic coast. the good news is this does not look like it's going to be some monster nor'easter. don't worry about that. but i think it is going to be strong enough to give us an, maybe some pretty strong winds out of this, and if there's enough k0e8d air on the back side yes, i think we could see some snow in part of the area. right now the best chance of that snow would be west of i-95 but yes, we could be actually introducing snow into the forecast. you want to snake sure you stay tuned into this one, we'll keep you ahead of the storm. your evening forecast, more clouds chilly this evening. tomorrow morning a cold start. rather breezy. 32 to 38. but wind chills between 28 and 35 degrees. a very cold start to your saturday. saturday afternoon partly sunny,
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breezy, and cool once again. high temperature 51 to 55 degrees. as we move on through the next couple days, sunday, plenty of sunshine after you set your clocks back saturday night into sunday morning for daylight savings time. high of 53 on sunday. only 51 on monday. election day. clouds on the increase. rather chilly with a high of only 50. and then watching that coastal storm that will affect us i think wednesday and into the day on thursday. still a lot of things up in the air with this one. farther off the coast it could develop a little farther. we're going to watch this one very closely. obviously for us it does have applications but for those people in new jersey, new york, this is not what they need to hear. >> on top of that. doug, thank you. when we come bag on news 4 at 5:00, new bike lanes are added in the district but one big problem. cars are taking up the space. the bike fight coming up. in sports it's time for high school football. zachary quiche introduces us to
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a team way bullseye on its back. and later on news 4 at 6:00, the c
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on the road taking on the inspired loudoun county falcons. both teams have steamrolled opponents this season and it's caught the attention of our zachary quiche, who joins us live from leesburg. zachary, final week of the regular season here, many are starting to talk postseason. one team seems to have quite a winning streak to protect. >> reporter: oh, they've had a heck of a winning streak. i think the story here tonight, though, is this weather. it's scarfing hot chocolate weather here tonight as loudoun county hosts briar woods.
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they're und feated and looking to do their thing here tonight. when you think of football in northern virginia there probably hasn't been a team as dominant as the falcons over the last three years. they've won the last two state titles, they're undefeated this year and they know with that type of success each and every time they take the field they've got a bullseye on their back. >> last year we expected to win the state championship again. >> last year we expected to win the state championship again. >> last year we expected to win another state championship. >> just come out every game and i like to say put on the show. >> reporter: briar woods had just won the 2010 virginia state two-way championship and on paper they had the team to do it again. but in their first game, first time out as defending state champs, they didn't show up and lost. >> i challenged each and every one of them including myself and other coaches to find out what character eph right now, what is
5:25 pm
really your fabric. what are you? >> not only do they respond. they haven't lost since. 23 straight wins and back-to-back state titles. >> we have a bullseye on our back because of who we are. so i tell our kids if we invert that and make a really fine pinhole focus ourselves-a that will take care of the bullseye on our back. >> reporter: this is the story of briar woods football. they're still using that loss as fuel around here. and just like past years this year's team expects to win. an expectation built during the dog days of summer. >> we take a lot of pride. everyone expects us to win. >> we work harder than everyone else, i think. even though we're at that point where we're back-to-back state champions and everything we're never settling. we're always going for more, pushing for something else. >> reporter: on the eve of an undefeated regular season, something the falcons couldn't accomplish in their prior two
5:26 pm
title runs, hurricane sandy has cut into the first two days of practice. and yet the focus couldn't be sharper. >> who's responsible for that mindset? >> definitely coach pierce. he's kind of the head of our whole team. i think we're a reflection of him. hard-nosed and trying to get out there and get it. >> reporter: being a champion means something around here. >> it means from my standpoint as a coaching staff that i've got to dot best job i possibly can each and every week to prepare our players and each and every week our players have got to take that preparation and employ it for friday. and that's what it means to be a champion. >> reporter: that's what it takes to be a champion. coach pierce there. he's a big life lessons guy. of course he loves the championships. but he's hoping some of these guys will be able to use these skills on the field and apply them to life a little later on down the road. here at loudoun county they're hoping they can knock off the
5:27 pm
giants. they're riding a five-game winning streak of their own. and as you said, carol, the playoffs start tonight, this is the last game of the regular season, every team wants to go in riding a high and we'll see what both these teams bring out here tonight in loudoun county. >> it will definitely be fun to watch. thank you, zachary quiche, reporting live from leesburg. the briar woods falcons, they're high powered and so is loud county. so this one's going to be major impact with fireworks. >> how great to have that happen during your senior year. >> to have two teams. they both should make the playoffs. >> that would be wonderful. >> thank you, carol. when we come back, at 5:30, if people are waiting hours to vote in prince george's county to vote early, is everything going to be okay on tuesday? and pets at the aquarium have just hours left before there is a real emergency. i'm jackie bensen in stafford county. a dui accident lea
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[ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage
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and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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fast forward to the headlines. d.c. police want to get this guy. they are canvassing a northeast neighborhood trying to catch the suspect who violently attacked a woman in an apartment condo complex there. police passed out photos of the suspect. they say he attempted to sexually assault the suspect and slashed and stabbed her repeated liu in the rhode island row apartment last week. four days to go before the election and the candidates are zeroing in on the all-important state of ohio. president obama attend three-day rallies there today before heading back to washington. mitt romney is still there tonight and has an event planned for later this evening. the number of people killed from hurricane sandy is up to 95 people at least across ten states. 39 in new york. and mayor bloomberg has just canceled this weekend's new york city marathon because of all the controversy. now let's get the latest on the headlines. on the weather, rather. well, the weather headlines
5:32 pm
is that it's cold outside. it's going to continue to be cold over the next couple of days. temperatures right now 10 to 15 degrees below average. new york city coming in at 50 degrees. philadelphia at 49. we are sitting at 51. look back toward the west, though. pittsburgh at 38 is going to be a very chilly weekend, too. storm and sunday. will both be on the cold side. but sunday not too bad to go to get out there and walk. breathe deep for d.c. for longevity at the national mall. come down and join us. i will be emceeing the event for longevity coming out on sunday at 9:00 a.m. for a nice walk around the mall. temperature 45 degrees. plenty of sunshine. but you will need the jackets as you make your way out and about. no matter if it's sunday morning or saturday morning or even into next week. we'll talk about that. plus talk about what kind of temperatures you'll wake up to tomorrow. it's not just your temperature, guys, it's also the wind chill. well, there are still many unanswered questions about what led to a 17-year-old being shot and killed by the sheriff's deputies in stafford county this morning. news 4's jackie bensen reports
5:33 pm
on how an abandoned vehicle started this whole thing. >> reporter: among the many unanswered questions at this point, what led investigators from this car to a house about a quarter mile down taggette's mill road. hourgz hours after the shooting investigators continue to examine the hyundai sedan that remained in a ditch at the intersection of acquire road and taggettes mill road right at the fauquier-stafford county border. officials confirm that just before 4:00 a.m. public safety dispatchers received a 911 call reporting the apparently abandoned vehicle. for reasons not disclosed stafford county deputies who responded then went to a home on tackett's mill road a quarter mile away. there according to officials some type of altercation took place that resulted in the 17-year-old being shot by deputies. >> after p stafford deputies entered the residence an altercation enseward with a 17ear-old male who was wielding a knife and attacked one of the deputies. the smail suspect was subsequently shot and died at the scene.
5:34 pm
the stafford county deputy was treated for his injuries at the scene and was not transported to the hospital for any treatment. >> reporter: neighbors in the rural area say traffic accidents are common at that intersection but a shooting is unheard of here. >> it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. we don't normally have to deal with anything like this. this is off the wall. >> reporter: the home where the shooting happened was cordoned off by investigators for most of the day. among the many questions investigators have not answered at this point, exactly how many deputies were present at the scene when the shooting happened. reporting from stafford county, jackie bensen, news 4. this is the last day for early voting in maryland. and we are seeing some long lines at this hour. especially in prince george's county. extra machines were added at some voting sites today. still many residents are waiting hour after hour to cast their ballots. our prince george's county bureau chief, tracy wilkins joins us live from the busy sports and learning center in
5:35 pm
landover to explain why the lines are just so long. tracy? >> reporter: jim, take a look here behind me because this is actually one of the polling sites where they added an additional ten machines. but as you can see, it has not made a dent in how lock the lines are here and now we have more information on why. since early voting began in prince george's county, the waits have been amazing. >> how long was your wait? >> four hours. four. >> three hours. plus. >> three hours. what do you think about that? do you think that's too long? >> it's too long. >> reporter: we now know why the lines were so long. limited space and machines according to voting officials. in prince george's county there are 568,000 registered voters. and they have 20 voting machines at most of their early voting locations resulting in three to four-hour waits. in montgomery county there are 616,000 registered voters and they have 35 voting machines at all but one of their locations. and waits are 45 minutes or
5:36 pm
less. >> we did use a state-prescribed formula to allocate voting units at each early voting site. >> reporter: the state means that each county plans for 20% of its voters to participate in early voting, averaging 200 machines per voter. but in prince george's, where about 10% of its voters have used early voting, that was clearly not enough machines. in montgomery county they asked for more than the state mandates. prince george's election officials say there was limited space for how many machines they could have at polling locations. >> we are going to have to look at moving forward in the possibility of changing the laws to either getting larger sites, arena-type stadiums, sites, or adding additional sites. >> our folks need to be able to go in and cast their votes and not be in lines too long. >> reporter: spiner, chair of the prince george's county democratic central committee says he's worried some voters
5:37 pm
may be turned off by the wait. >> my concern is montgomery county's outpacing us probably about maybe 5% to 7% more voters turning out in this election. but yet their lines are just a fraction of ours as far as time, folks standing in line. >> so here in prince george's county latest numbers, about 56,000 people have voted so far in montgomery county. about 57,000. and as you heard, waits of 45 minutes or less there. now the next question is what is it going to be like on election day. we'll have that report coming up at 6:00. in prince george's county i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. the news 4 iteam is on voter patrol for you between now and election day. if you see a problem with voting we want to hear from you. call the iteam voter patrol tip line, that's 202-885-4444. and e-mail them at tips idea nbc or news 4 i make sure you give us your name,
5:38 pm
number, and where the problem is happening. coming up next we're going to tell you why thousands of generators sold at costco are dangerous and they are being recalled. plus a female shopper is dragged the length of three
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we had to move our wednesday's child this week to today because of our coverage of sandy. >> but today we want you to meet a young man who enjoys listening and telling stories. here's barbara harrison. >> so he's coming this way, i'm coming to the curb. >> reporter: poet and professional storyteller derek weston-brown showed off his talents for us on the stage of busboys and poets restaurant in washington. 13-year-old emmanuel has said he'd love to someday be as good as this at telling stories about
5:42 pm
his life experiences. >> it was my first time catching fast fabl. and i scored a touchdown. and i was excited. >> reporter: and he has some real stories of courage to tell. when he's not being shy. >> emmanuel is a cancer survivor. >> reporter: and while he has stories to tell about all of his heroic experiences he has ambition to help take care of the medical needs of others. >> who do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a doctor. >> reporter: and do you know what kind of doctor you'd like to be? taking care of children or adults or everybody? >> everybody. >> reporter: emmanuel got some pointers on speaking, then tried telling a story himself on the stage. >> my first story about football -- >> you come to busboys and poets. then once you leave empty handed. >> reporter: derek weston brown gave emmanuel a copy of a poetry book he wrote. he hoped to inspire ellen manual to start writing down his
5:43 pm
stories. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> well, if you have room in your home and your heart for emmanuel or another child waiting, call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-2-adopt-me. or go to >> sharp young man. >> yeah. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, thousands of generators recall tonight. the consumer alert next. >> and cars are parked and taking up brand new spots for bicycles. we tackle the parking issue when we come back. i'm liz crenshaw. who pays for repairs to your car if a tree falls and hits it? that's the question.
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news 4's transportation reporter reports now, it's becoming a big issue. >> reporter: time after time after time. cars, trucks, buses, parking, and driving in the brand new bike lanes on l street and northwest. to be fair, this bike lane project is not completely finished and in some cases the proper signage isn't up. but along certain blocks
5:47 pm
everything is in place and still people blocking the lanes. the new bike lane here on l street stretches from new hampshire avenue all the way down to 12th street. now, the d.c. department of transportation has had to take about 100 parking spaces on the north side of l street to make these lanes. john weil talking about the balancing act of taking away parking while opening up a bike lane. >> we do see cars that go into the bike lanes to park most of the time. and it's a big problem. >> reporter: just as we were talking, a charter bus parked right in the bike lanes. weil not too happy with the driver. >> it's the sam thing look goes on with the sandy situation. >> i know you've got a job to do. and we're out here just trying to educate people about the fact that this is the bike lane. >> reporter: anyone caught parking in a bike lane could be slapped with a $65 ticket. >> what's that like when you see that? >> certainly not welcome.
5:48 pm
it's a big dangerous because if you have to slam on your brakes and bike lanes are behind you and they're getting more crowded. it also feels like maybe we're not being considered as serious liu as we should be as bikers. >> reporter: but not every biker sees the need for friction between bikers and cyclists. >> i think the cycle tracks make things a lot easier and i think drivers benefit too from having bikers' traffic concentrates tie few routes as opposed to spread all over the place. >> reporter: the l street project should be finished in the coming days. until then the message from the city, share the road. in the district, adam tuss, news 4. it's tricky out there, we've got to remember it's getting darker earlier too. >> and it's going to get even darker starting early sunday morning. let's get the latest on our forecast and how chilly it's going to also be out there, doug. >> it's getting darker. i'm not happy about it. the sun goes down on sunday at 5:05. how about that? so out there right now we're looking at the sun starting to go down. but next week at this time it's going to be dark. 51 degrees. the temperature, wind out of the west at 17 miles per hour,
5:49 pm
gusting to about 125 miles per hour. as far as the temperatures go right now, sitting at 47 degrees in rockville, 46 in gaithersburg, 50 over toward college park, reston and fairfax county 47 degrees. leesburg coming in at 46. what are we seeing rainfallwise? well, nothing around the d.c. metro area. but we are looking at a few showers over toward annapolis right over the bridge here, right over the chesapeake bay bridge, over toward the kenton arrows area. you're going to continue to see some shower activity, this make its way to the south and east. that's another frontal boundary that will help to create even more breezy conditions during the day tomorrow. high temperatures, 50 degrees in martinsburg tomorrow. 53 in leesburg. 55 in culpepper and la plata coming in at about 55 degrees. not a bad afternoon with mostly cloudy skies across the region. but again rather breezy and rather cool with temperatures close to ten degrees below average. as far as the numbers go, the panthers take on our redskins right here at fedex field. what are we going to be seeing down there? well, again, it's going to be quite cool, especially if you get out there and tailgate a little early. temperatures in the low 50s at
5:50 pm
game time. partly sunny, cool, but nice for a football game. should be a good game, too. and again, we need this un. four-day forecast showing 54 degrees on your saturday. turn the clocks back one hour saturday night. 53 degrees on sunday. 51 on monday. 50 degrees on tuesday. and then watching that all-important possible coastal storm as it makes its way in here wednesday and thursday. so once again we've got a lot to talk about over the next couple of days. hopefully, that storm can stay off the coast. but right now i think it will affect us. and guys, this could bring some areas some snow. >> that's not good news. neither is this, what we're about to tell you. millions of americans are relying on generators this week and the champion power equipment company is recalling more than 8,500 of its generators because of a fire hazard. this is what those generators look like. they were sold from december to july of last year in costco stores. eight fires have been reported. we do have the model numbers and other information at just search generator recall.
5:51 pm
new york's coney island aquarium, it may have to evacuate thousands of marine animals at the site in the wake of the superstorm sandy. like other parts of the city the 14-acre aquarium flooded, lost electricity. the staff has been working to restore the filtration systems necessary to keep those animals alive. there isn't enough electricity to keep all of the exhibits and the holding tanks going. so if the full power isn't back up in a couple of days, they may have to relocate those creatures to other aquariums for the time being. the coney island aquarium, it is home to some 12,000 marine animals. and that includes walruses. sharks. and penguins. if you just don't think about the breadth of this emergency and what some people have to contend with. so who pays for repairs to your car if a tree falls and hits it? what about if a tree falls between your yard and your
5:52 pm
neighbor's yard? and if your appliances were flooded by sandy, can they be salvaged or are they a total loss? liz crenshaw joins us now with a special edition of "ask liz." busy end of the week here. the important questions. our first one has to do with damage to your car from a tree. so liz, who pays for the repairs to your car? if a tree falls and hits it, is it your insurance company, the person who owns the tree? >> yes. people are confused which one it is. the insurance information institute helped us with this answer. it says that cars damaged by fallen trees are covered under the comprehensive part of your auto insurance policy. comprehensive insurance applies when a car has been damaged by natural causes like the hurricane. so you'll be protected from repair costs once you pay your deductible. however, if you don't have comprehensive auto coverage, you will have to pay for the repair yourself out of pocket. >> all right. next question is about falling trees as well. so liz, if a tree falls between
5:53 pm
their yard and their neighbor's yard, who pays for the cleanup? >> it all depends on whether the tree caused the damage to anyone's property. if there was no damage done, an insurance company isn't going to pay to get the tree removed in most cases. so if there was no damage done to structures, talk to your neighbor to work out the costs of getting that tree removed. but know that you are ultimately responsible for cleaning up any part of the tree that fell in your yard. and if the tree did cause damage to either of your homes then the person whose property was damaged needs to file a claim with his or her homeowner's insurance policy. >> last question has to do with flood damage. liz, if your appliances like your refrigerator, your dehumidifier, vacuum, if they were flooded from sandy, can they be salvaged or are these things a total loss? >> if they were in your basement sitting there. the consumer products safety commission helped us with this answer. the answer is maybe. maybe the appliances are not permanently damaged but safety
5:54 pm
always comes first. first things it tells us do not turn on any of theal appliance that's have been affected by the flood waters. many of the appliances that have been wet could pose an electrical shock hazard or overheat and cause a fire. before flipping a switch or plugging in any appliance have an electrician check out the appliance and your house wiring to make sure that it is safe to use. if you have a question you'd like us to consider for ask liz send it to you can also connect with me on twitter, just search liz crenshaw. and on facebook by searching liz crenshaw's consumer watch. have a dry weekend, okay? >> you too. thank you, liz. wendy, back over to you. and coming up next, a purse snatching. it ends up with a woman being dragged across a parking lot. we're going to show you the video. and in just minutes, tonight at 6:00, after much criticism and controversy, the new york city marathon is canceled. we're going to have a live we'r[ minto ] you know,ive those ads saying mitt romney
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it.
5:57 pm
turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. a woman dragged the length of three football fields at a walmart in covington, georgia. and that's just the beginning of this story. it doesn't end until after a dramatic police chase. >> the two suspects are from missouri, and covington police say they stole a car in wisconsin 30 days ago. and they've been on a crime spree ever since.
5:58 pm
kevin rossen has the story. >> reporter: watch the red car pull up to a woman standing by her car. >> they pull up. the passenger leans out, grabs the purse. >> reporter: but the victim won't let go. >> she becomes entangled in the purse and is drug across the parking lot approximately 300 yards. >> reporter: it's almost too painful to watch. the female suspect in the passenger seat won't let go, either. as she drags the woman across asphalt, unable to free herself. now, the good news is the suspects didn't get away. a covington police officer spotted the suspect vehicle getting onto i-20. >> but at this point his blue lights, the siren, you know, activated and the chase is on. >> reporter: the chase went from covington to atlanta, some 40 miles, weaving in and out of traffic, reaching a peak speed of 127 miles per hour. >> once you reach speeds like this, you're almost outrunning the siren. >> reporter: at one point it almost turns into tragedy for an unsuspecting motorist. >> see the white car right there
5:59 pm
sideways? and that truck right there was able to come to a stop somehow right there. >> reporter: the chase went through the streets of downtown atlanta, finally ending with the suspect car boxed in by the georgia state patrol. they pulled the suspect out of the car head over heels, and he was placed in the back of a patrol car. now watch what happens as the female suspect is handcuffed. she blows the male suspect a kiss and mouths what appears to be "i love you." >> we've learned that these two individuals have been involved in multiple cases just like the one you've seen today. right now at 6:00, neighborhoods are decimated. the new york city marathon has just been canceled. help has arrived in the northeast, but it's not reaching everyone yet. >> after the storm there could be some confusion, even chaos on election day. four days out the candidates are neck and neck. and every vote counts. good evening. i'm --

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